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Mirrored, Corner & Sliding Door Wardrobes on Finance

Everyone needs a place to neatly arrange their stuff. Some people use it to hide things. Others just need a space to stash things and forget about it. If you fall in any of these three categories, chances are that you are badly in need of a new wardrobe. Highly essential furniture in today’s households, wardrobes offer the functionality and efficiency to take up that deserved space in the bedroom. Wardrobes come in various sizes and are made of different kinds of wood.


Most wardrobes offer helpful small storage spaces besides the regular storage area to accommodate different things with ease. A few wardrobes also have a mirror on the inside or outside, which adds to its functionality as a dressing table as well.

Wardrobes can be purchased across various online shopping catalogues and most catalogues offer the chance of paying for purchased appliances through credit. Online retailers such as Isme offer a range of wardrobes for customers to choose from. Availing of credit facilities from any catalogue entails creating an account with it.

Isme also offers customers the convenience of not paying any amount as down payment during purchase. K&Co offers interest free instalments for up to 52 weeks and a 36.9% APR rate on instalments paid within a period of 3 years. Customers who wish to open accounts with online catalogues must be above 18 years of age and possess a legal credit status. All customers are subject to a credit history check prior to approval of the credit request.

The competition in the wardrobe segment is mainly between Homebrand and Consort, with both brands offering a variety of wardrobes at different sizes, designs and colours to choose from. The least expensive model from Homebrand costs £159, equipped with 2 doors, 3 drawers and a mirror. The wardrobe can also be paid for in weekly instalments of £1.59 per week.

Most wardrobes offered by Consort are 4 door models with huge space. The four door models from Consort start at £349 with weekly payments of £3.99 per week, as listed on K & Co.
Isme offers a range of discounts on most wardrobes available for purchase. All brands offer wardrobes in a range of colours and designs to help you match up perfectly.

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