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Armchairs, Recliners and Leather Sofas on Finance

The best place for late night movies with friends and to cuddle up with someone special, sofas are the ultimate comfort furniture in the world and have become an indispensable part of every household. Sofas come in a variety of models and sizes, usually accommodating two or three individuals comfortably at a time. Special lunar sofas that accommodate only one person can also double up as beds. A corner sofa, which is in the shape of an ‘L’, can seat up to five people and is a very popular type of sofa and is available on most online retail stores.


Sofas are available on all leading online stores like Isme, K&Co and Littlewoods to name a few. These catalogues also offer their customers the ability to pay for products purchased by credit. Instalments can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly as per the convenience of the customer. To pay for products by credit, customer should open an account with the retailers. To open accounts, customers must be above the age of 18 and should possess a legal credit status. All customers who wish to open accounts will be subject to a credit history check by the retailer.

For Isme & K and Co, instalments can be repaid within 36 months of purchase and for payments made after one year, a 36.9% APR interest will be charged on the customer.

Sofas by Home Collection are one of the popular in the market. Home Collection offers a five piece sofa sets at a minimum cost of £749, which can be paid in weekly instalments of £4.41. K&Co lists Home Collection’s range of right hand corner sofas that can easily accommodate up to six people. Right hand corner sofas start from £999 (weekly instalments of £4.80) as listed on the retailer’s website. Sofas come in a range of colours; black, grey, white, beige and even quirky colours such as red and yellow to suit every kind of need.

Sofas are made of either fabric or leather. Angelo and Vantage are the leading brands in ultra-luxury leather sofas (two or four seater only) and start at £549 for the 4 seater model from Angelo and can costs £3.24 in weekly instalments for 36 months. Angelo and Vantage are available for purchase at Littlewoods.

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