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Lookagain – Fashion, Electricals & Furniture on Finance

Look Again is an online clothing retailer dealing mainly in apparel and accessories for women, though product lines for children and men are also available. The retailer also stocks popular electronic gadgets. Look Again launches up to a hundred new brand styles every week, and also has around 20 shops located across the UK to facilitate direct purchases. Other than apparel for all ages, Look Again also has the latest in home décor at very competitive prices.
Products and Brands
The brands available on Look Again in the apparel, accessories and home décor categories are very extensive. All kinds of clothing are available, neatly categorized under various sizes and specific brands like Buffalo London, Laura Scott and Melrose. Look Again is one of the few websites that offers a large catalogue for children. An extensive section for sportswear and consumer electronics is also present on the home page. A section called ‘Shop by Occasion’ helps customers to pick outfits based on occasion.

The ‘Style Hub’ section helps categorize a complete outfit from head to toe in the shortest possible time. Other than apparel and accessories, the tool can also be used to design a room for your house from the products available on the website. A nifty feature called ‘Shop the TV ad’ allows customers to buy all or some of the apparel worn by famous personalities and celebrities in TV advertisements. A 15% discount for the first purchase is offered by the retailer on all products. Promotional codes can be used to obtain further discounts. A separate section for discounted products is available on the website and features a range of products with new products added every week.

Payments, Returns and Delivery
All transactions with Look Again can be done through leading debit/credit cards. It also offers the convenience of using online payment methods like PayPal to complete purchases. By creating personal accounts, payments can be made in instalments. Transactions are certified safe by various online security agencies. Delivery of products takes place within 5 working days and an option of delivery of products on the next day of purchase is available at an additional cost and is subject to the time of purchase.

All returns have to be done within 14 days of purchase and involve shipping or taking the unused product and receipt of purchase to the retailer. Returns for products are free and can be done through any local courier services or by post. All returns are subjected to the policies of the retailer, listed on the website. For creating an account with Look Again, the customer must be above 18 years of age and have a legal credit status.

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