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Fridges and Freezers on Finance: Upright, Chest and Combo

Want to store that perfectly aged single malt at the right temperature to enjoy without being at a Michelin star restaurant? That wish can be fulfilled by choosing to buy the correct fridge or freezer. This appliance is a must-have for every household and offers the convenience of storing left-over food without letting it spoil, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time, ensuring that meats remain frozen and fresh when not required and storing ice cream at an optimum temperature. Fridges & freezers are available together or separately in a single two door unit. The appliance is available at a range of capacities, brands and prices.

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Almost all online shopping catalogues offer fridges and freezers and also offer the option of paying for purchased appliances by credit. Online retailers like K&Co, Isme, and Litlewoods offer a wide range of fridges and freezers on very attractive terms. By creating an account with online retailers, customers can choose to take advantage of schemes which allow them to spread the cost of the purchase through instalments paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Isme is one of the rare catalogues to allow absolutely nothing as down payment in its credit schemes. K&Co gives the option of interest free instalments for a period of up to 52 weeks. Instalments can be availed for a period of up to 3 years but will include an additional interest on the product with a 36.9% APR rate for the period over and above 12 months. Customers who wish to create accounts with online retailers must be above the age of 18 and possess a legal credit status, and will be subject to a credit history check by the retailer.

North Korean tech giant Samsung leads the pack in the manufacture of fridges and freezers. Isme offers a vast collection of Samsung products, much bigger than most other online catalogues. Littlewoods offers brands like Swan and Indesit (combined two door models) at very competitive instalment prices of £3 a week and £400 upfront, while Isme offers Samsung fridges and freezers at higher price of between £7-£11 per week (£700 upfront). Samsung’s four door models and models with water dispensers can go as high as £1600 in full and around £15 per week. Indesit and Hotpoint offer separate appliances for fridge and freezer at prices nearing the £200 range and are available on K&Co for purchase.

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