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Pay Monthly or Weekly on Dishwashers

A dishwasher is quickly becoming a must-have kitchen appliance in this fast paced world. ‘Doing the dishes’ manually is simply not an option for many. The product suits the lifestyle of a working household perfectly as it takes care of a long and boring chore of doing the dishes with very high efficiency and in the least possible time. Most online shopping catalogues offer a range of dishwashers. The appliance is classified in many ways, depending on the need for installation, capacity, energy efficiency rating, brands offered and most importantly, the price of the product.


Most leading online shopping catalogues such as AO and AppliancesDirect are a few of the leading online retailers that offer dishwashers on credit. Creating accounts with these leading retailers enables the customer to pay for these products in instalments. Many stores also allow the customer to choose the amount to be paid as down payment. Payments for purchases can be done weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the convenience of the customer.

During the period of payment, customers can choose to either pay the minimum amount periodically or pay the full amount at any given point and close the payment. Payments made in full at the time of purchase are free of interest. Payments made in instalments are subject to an interest rate of 34.1% per annum variable and a representative 39.9% APR, though some catalogues offer no-interest credit schemes for 12 months.

K & Co offers Beko dishwashers of various sizes and across a broad price range from as low as £200 for the 12 Place Dishwasher Slimline model, and only £2.19 per week in very manageable instalments. All products offered by Beko have an energy efficiency rating of ‘A’.
Argos offers products from Candy and its range of slimline dishwashers start at £300 or a weekly payment of £3. Indesit is the only company to offer a table top dishwasher, available for sale with Argos.

The interest rate varies in some catalogues with retailers like K&Co offering a 36.9% APR. Argos provides to its customers the feature of paying nothing as a down payment during the purchase of the product if paid by instalments. Customers who choose to create an account with any online shopping retailer must be above 18 years of age and should possess a legal credit status. All online transactions are certified to be secure by leading online security experts.

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