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Cookers on Finance: Electric, Gas & Microwaves

Most households today have some type of cooker. Using the appliance makes steamed or pressured cooking much easier and saves a lot of time. Cookers are generally used for cooking via steam in the preparation of rice, vegetables and even meat. Cookers are offered at a range of sizes and capacities depending on the use. They can be either electric or gas and vary across a range of prices starting from as low as £19. Cookers are also available in a combined package with a stove, cooker, oven and grill all-in-one.


24studio, Littlewoods and Very are some retailers that offer an extensive collection of cookers for purchase on their online catalogues. Credit payments for purchases can be done in instalments paid monthly, fortnightly or weekly. For availing these instalment schemes, customers must have an account with the retailer from which the product is purchased. All customers who wish to open an account must be above 18 years of age and should have a legal credit status. Applicants may be subject to a credit history check by the retailer.

Very has an extensive collection of cookers, and offers variable interest rates which are decided after checking the credit history of the customer, thereby providing lower interest rates to customers with a good credit history. Littlewoods and 24studio allow customers to buy products and not pay any interest for up to 12 months. After 12 months, a 39.9% APR interest rate is levied. To prevent interest from kicking in, make the full payment within the 12 month period.

Very offers an electric rice cooker from EGL at £11.99 with weekly payments of just 55p a week!
Slow electric cookers from premium brands such as Morphy Richards cost around £29 (£2.25 a week).

Prestige is the most preferred brand in buying gas cookers because of its high quality and safety. A 6 litre cooker big enough to prepare rice for around 4-6 people from Prestige costs about £45 at an instalment of £2.25 per week. The cooking range which includes 4 kitchen appliances in one device is also offered by brands like Leisure and Indesit. 24studio offers ‘The Leisure Cookmaster’ range cookers for £999, at an instalment of £10.01 per week and is one of the more popular combined cooking range products available for purchase.

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