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Pay Monthly on Laptops, Macbooks, Netbooks & Desktops

Laptops in some people’s eyes are one of the greatest technological inventions that have been created. This is because they allow us to do the same things that we could do on a desktop computer virtually anywhere they we go. They can be used on the bus, plan, café, and any other destination where you find yourself at.

They usually load up a lot faster than desktops too so it is not uncommon to find homes now equipped with laptops and not desktop computers. Not to mention the fact that they are especially beneficial to students as they are compact and easy to use so it makes it perfect for them when it comes to taking notes in class and having to move all over the place during their daily routine.


Catalogues That Offer Laptops on Credit
Most catalogues in the UK that sell laptops have them available to their customers on credit. Some of the popular UK catalogues include, but are not limited to, K & CO, Argos, Very, and Littlewoods.

However, you should be aware that when you are trying to get a laptop on finance through one of these catalogues they are more than likely going to want your order to be above £100. If you decide to purchase your laptop through Littlewoods they will even throw in free delivery.

HP Envy M6-1205SA AMD A10 Processor, 6Gb RAM, 1Tb Hard Drive, 15.6 inch Laptop
If you head over to Very and check out their HP Envy you will be able to purchase it for £499, a savings of £100. Not to mention the fact that if you take three you will be able to pay £166.33 for three months and also avoid paying interest on the laptop.
Toshiba C885-1TC Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor, 6Gb RAM, 750Gb Hard Drive, 15.6 inch Laptop
If you head over to Littlewoods you can score this laptop for £419 which is a savings of £60 and they are even throwing in a free laptop bag. When it comes to their credit options you can pay from £4.20 a week or from £8.06 a week interest free.

In order to qualify to get a laptop on credit with one of these catalogues though you are going to have to pass a credit check and meet the criteria that the catalogue has in place. Most catalogues that offer buy now pay later on laptops even allow the process to be completed online once you’ve opened up a personal account with them.

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