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Beds, Headboards & Mattresses on Finance

After a long and grinding day at work a good six to eight hours of sleep is always necessary. And to get that sleep, you don’t want to sleep on the couch or the floor, do you? It is time you bring that fancy king size bed from the store and into your room. That is precisely why a comfortable bed is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Beds these days are available in various sizes and also offer more functionality by having drawers and storage spaces built into them. Retailers provide the option of buying the bedstead alone or along with the mattress and pillows, which will add to the cost of the bed.


Since beds are expensive purchases, most retailers offer credit and financing options for customers, even those with bad credit ratings. Payments for purchases can be done monthly, fortnightly or weekly. Littlewoods and Very to name a few, are retailers who offer an extensive collection of beds on their online portal and offer credit facilities to their customers. Customers must be above 18 years of age and possess a legal credit status to draw credit from any retailer and will be subject to a credit history check.

Littlewoods offer the convenience of purchasing the product immediately and not paying anything for the next 12 months. Customers can eliminate interest on payments if the full cost of the bed is paid within the 12 month period. Else, for instalments paid after the interest rate is levied on payments. Other stores also offer the ability to pay for purchases in instalments at a similar interest rate. All retailers deliver the beds to your home and will even place them where you want them!

Beds can be either divan beds or normal sleeping beds. Mirapocket is the brand that specializes in divan beds and starts at £399 for a single divan, with a weekly payment of £3.99. King size divans and normal beds are also on offer by various retailers. Laurence Lelwelyn-Bowen is known for making beds with chambers (drawers for storage) and its range starts at £599.

Kidspace deals exclusively with beds for children and also provides a range of bunk beds or mid sleepers with chambers for additional functionality. Littlewoods offers a medium sleeper from Kidspace for £369, at a weekly payment of £3.70 and comes in two colours, blue and pink. Mirapocket also offers a range of specialised ortho spring beds that offer supreme comfort and relief from joint pains and are recommended by various medical experts for pain relief.

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