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Baby Clothes on Finance from UK Catalogues

Everybody loves shopping for baby clothes, there is nothing cuter. You’ll often see expectant mothers wandering up and down the infant clothing aisles looking harassed with lots of tiny hangers of clothes, sometimes with other children in tow, the whole experience can be so troublesome and uncomfortable that it can make shopping for baby clothes a chore. In addition, new additions to the family can also mean more stress on the family budget, there is so much to buy and often the household income will drop at the same time. But there is an easier way!

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Most of the mail order home shopping catalogues in the UK carry extensive ranges of baby clothes, even better, you can get everything you need on flexible credit terms without breaking the bank! Of course just because you can get everything you need for the new baby on easy finance, that does not mean you should immediately purchase a wardrobe full of designer threads for the baby’s arrival, it’s better to invest in safety and comfort when buying newborn clothes.

Your baby will grow quickly in the first year and in some cases will wear some clothes just a few times. Of course proud parents want baby to look his or her best, there is nothing wrong with that, but you need to have your practical head when baby clothes shopping.

Some expectant parents are lucky as they receive so many hand-me-downs and baby clothes in “as good as new” condition, as gifts, they don’t even need to buy too much for their newborn, at least for the first few months. There is also the option of second-hand shops or charity shops if you’re on a really tight budget. But with competitive prices and interest free credit available on baby clothing from major catalogues, there is no need to traipse around the high street checking out charity shops!

When choosing baby’s first wardrobe, there are some essential clothing items that you’ll need before your baby’s birth. If you choose not to find out the baby’s sex in advance, or if you plan on having more children, you need to choose unisex colours that will suit either a boy or a girl. For those busy first few weeks on parenthood, there are a number of items you will need as a minimum:-

At least three sleepsuits (six is better if you can afford it). Sleepsuits are useful night or day, whenever your baby will be sleeping in a cot, as some experts recommend one-piece sleep suits to be worn when baby is sleeping in lieu of using blankets or quilts to lessen the risk of cot death and suffocation. They are also practical and convenient, you even get sleep suits with footies that have rubberised soles for when the child starts standing and walking.

Three all-in-one one-piece shirts that snap under the crotch to hold nappies in place and keep baby covered.

Four short or long sleeved vests, either pullovers or ones with side poppers. The side-popper style are easier to put on a small baby. Vests are more useful than all-in-ones for the first week or so until the baby’s umbilical cord falls off.

Four pairs of socks or booties loose enough so that your baby can wiggle his or her toes. If you buy the type with a stretch elastic band at the cuff these stay on better as they can’t be kicked off as easily.

Two hats or bonnets, knit caps keep babies cosy and bonnets shield them from the sun when outside.

Five receiving blankets, new babies spend much of their first weeks wrapped up in these soft blankets to keep them warm and feeling secure.

Over the year you can of course add cool outfits and seasonal items such as swimsuits and shirt and trouser ensembles to keep your baby fashionable!

You can source all the above from catalogue companies such as Littlewoods, Vertbaudet, Boden and La Redoute. All the top brands are available including Adidas, Disney, Mamas & Papas, Mickey Mouse, Nike, Tatty Teddy, TIGGER, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger and Winnie The Pooh. In terms of pricing baby clothing starts from as little as £0.30 per week and the range includes Bodysuits & Sleepsuits, Boys & Girls Fashion, Unisex Clothing, Newborn Basics and Sportswear. Everything you need on flexible credit with interest free and “buy now pay later” options available.

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